Bridging The Gap

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

The beginning of a new year is when most people have their resolutions fresh in their minds. It’s that empowering feeling of “Nothing can stop me!” or “This is my year!”

I think that’s great. I think waking up with that kind of motivation is what helps you reach your goals. Actually, it’s the only kind of attitude and mindset that helps you reach any goal. What’s the problem then? Why is it that everyone who wakes up this way in January starts off this way and by the end of the month, rolling into February, everything changes. We lose motivation, the hype is over and suddenly we are back to being the same person we were in 2017. We are back to figuring out ways to stay motivated like we were in the beginning of the new year.

The Problem with Motivation

Here’s the problem. We’ve allowed motivation (by default) to be the reason we started our intended journey instead of building habits that grow our discipline. The reason this is more important than motivation is because motivation is just that… a feeling. Motivation will only be there maybe 20% of the time, believe me. I’m an athlete, a competitive bodybuilder, an entrepreneur and coach which involves me having to motivate others 100% of the time. However, I am motivated to do what I need to do about 20% of the time. Isn’t that crazy? On the other hand, discipline will be there (once you train it like any other muscle) whenever motivation fails you.


I want to help you try something different this year. Instead of giving you the traditional top 100 ways to stay motivated, sending you motivational quotes and telling you that you are more than capable of reaching your goals (because you are) or having you just watch me to some crazy workout, I want to start this year by giving you the tools to sharpen your discipline. I’m sure it sounds like homework and I’m sure having that blast of motivation is the quick fix most people want but I’m not about that. I’m about giving you a lifetime of fitness. I want you to make an investment in yourself and in me by following everything I’m going to encourage you to do. I want to turn you into an engine of accomplishments and goal crushing people. Let’s do this right!

What’s in Store in January?

For the month of January I just want to focus on discipline. The posts will be about how to sharpen your arsenal. I’m in the middle of recording a series on just this topic alone so please be on the lookout for that. Each week, as I release the videos that are somewhat short compared to a blog , I will write about it a little further in detail so we can chat and engage about it! But just to not keep you guys waiting, here’s a little rundown of what it’s all about!

  1. I’m going to discuss what this series is about. My personal intention behind it, why it’s important. My “why” along with what to expect from this series and what we hope you gain from it.
  2. Why is discipline important? You got the gist of this a little from why I have written above.
  3. Self Assessment – What is important to YOU?
  4. Self Awareness – BE in control of what you feel.
  5. Take Every Thought Captive
  6. Condition and Rewire The Brain
  7. Practical Discipline
  8. Hold Yourself Accountable
  9. Self Efficacy
  10. Your Ideal Self
Final Thoughts

My goal is for you all, which is in line with BOS Fitness’s mission, is that by the end of this series and posts, you won’t need motivation to keep you going.  All you’ll need is you. The brand new mind you have created, the transformed mindset you’ve conditioned. Plain and simple! If this sounds good to you, share this with someone you think you’ll want to take on this journey with you!

Who is Built on Strengths (BOS)?

Hey! My name is Jess and here we are, my first blog post for BOS Fitness! My life has taken some incredible turns to be where I am today. There have been some incredible highs and lows… More lows than anything. So, the idea of even writing this post right now is surreal to me because I have finally reached my goal of helping people in the way I am most passionate about! I started this brand, purposely using the name “built” to teach others that we can be absolutely be anything we are willing to build ourselves to be.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you and why you’re here. If you’re looking to finally discover a new life for yourself and take control of your fitness, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s my dream to help people lose weight, get in shape, and do things they thought were impossible. I want you to find YOUR fitness. Can you help me live out my dreams? I know that I can help you but the real questions is will you let me help you?

Please, let me use my brain and everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years to help you live the life of your dreams. I’ve seen changes from people who couldn’t stand up from chairs by themselves, I’ve seen people who have never exercised a day in their lives, and people who thought it was too late to start. I’ve heard it and seen it all! I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to start a fitness journey and I know that I can help 🙂

Use BOSfitness as your home base. The one place you go to when you need help changing your habits and want someone to hold you accountable. Use this site as a place to learn about the newest workout routines and how to survive all the holiday food AND lose weight at the same time! It’s all possible if you come along this amazing journey with me.


Please share your comments, stories, struggles, successes, and failures with me down in the comment section. Please let me get to know you and I promise to be there for you when you need it! Let’s keep talking.